The maximum stay in the complex (sports hall and school) at Sportzaal Onder St. Steven, Smidstraat 31, 6511 WB Nijmegen runs from Saturday 13 July (from 14:00) to Saturday 20 July 2024 (no later than 10:00 hours).
Breakfast and dinner are served in the adjacent building of Gezellig Nijmegen, Ganzenheuvel 56, 6511 WD Nijmegen

Catering will be provided by Catering Hermanussen, about which we received many praise last years on the quality of the meals. Dinner is served continuously, buffet-style. Those who have booked half-board can sit down for dinner between 17:00 to 20:00 pm. The Grand Buffet on Friday evening is between 17.30 to 20:00 pm. Breakfast is on walking days between 03:00 to 08:00 am and on other days between 08:00 to10.00 am.

Lodging is in the sports hall, but if you prefer to sleep in the school building you should tick the appropriate box at your reservation. There is then a surcharge due and full = full.

You can rent a bed including bed linen and pillow for an additional fee. This saves you a lot of lugging around. The rental of a bed must be indicated at the time of booking. In addition, it is of course possible as in previous years, to bring your own air mattress / mattress.
See the picture below of the beds. 

The overnight stay is intended for participants of the 4Days Marches of Nijmegen. If you are not a participant but still want to spend the night with us, you must report to Isis la Croix in advance of the booking.
Furthermore, the board has the right to refuse guests.

INFORMATION: Isis la Croix - ofni.[antispam] or by phone on 06-46253919 (you may be called back later due to shift work, you will see a number starting with +32).

: COSTS € 260,00:Four nights of accommodation from Monday evening to Friday morning; 4x breakfast on Tuesday to Friday morning.
LO BED & BREAKFAST WITHOUT BED: COSTS € 175,00:Four nights of accommodation from Monday evening to Friday morning; 4x breakfast on Tuesday to Friday morning.
HB HALF BOARD WITH BED: Costs € 350,00:Four nights of accommodation from Monday evening to Friday morning; 4x breakfast on Tuesday to Friday morning; 4x dinner on Monday to Thursday evening.
HB HALF BOARD WITHOUT BED: Costs € 265,00:Four nights of accommodation from Monday evening to Friday morning; 4x breakfast on Tuesday to Friday morning; 4x dinner on Monday to Thursday evening.

Bed & breakfast: 2 nights bed and breakfast from Saturday evening to Monday morning; 2x breakfast on Sunday and Monday morning. Surcharge € 80,00
Bed & breakfast: 1 night bed and breakfast from Sunday evening to Monday morning; 1x breakfast on Monday morning. Surcharge € 40,00
DEPARTURE ON SATURDAY 20 JULY BEFORE 10:00 AM: Bed & breakfast: 1 night bed and breakfast from Friday evening to Saturday morning; 1x breakfast on Saturday morning. Surcharge € 40,00
OVERNIGHT STAY IN SCHOOL (full = full): Surcharge € 25,00

If you want to eat vegetarian food during dinner, please click on Extra options vegetarian . Vegetarian is only possible if you indicate this here in advance and applies to all days.
For organizational reasons, it is not possible to serve a special diet during breakfast and dinner.

The extra options and rental bed must be paid at the same time as the reservation.

Please note: for later changes to your reservation we will charge an administration fee of € 10.00 per person.

You can book your lodging on this site: or 

click here
You can register for several people and pay everything at once with Mastercard or Visa.
You will receive a written confirmation of your reservation from the Foundation. If you are unable to register, please contact ofni.[antispam]  or by telephone 06-46253919 (you may be called back due to working in shifts, you will see a number that starts with +32).

After registration and payment, the booking is final. In the event of cancellation, you will have to rely on your own travel and cancellation insurance. Only in exceptional cases can the board grant a restitution out of goodwill. However, we charge a minimum administration fee of € 25.00.

Finally, some practical instructions:
You can sleep in one of the two sports halls or in one of the several classrooms (if indicated at the time of booking) that the Foundation rents and that are internally connected to each other.

Bring a flashlight, because the lights only turn on in the morning when the 30 km walkers get up.

If you do not rent a bed, you must bring your own sleeping bag, pillow, an air mattress or mattress (Note: max. 90 cm wide per person). Because of the available space per person, wider mattresses etc. cannot be allowed.

The use of electrical equipment, such as kettles, power strips , etc . is not permitted due to fire department regulations. Whenever we find electric appliances present, these will therefore be taken during your stay. We place a power strip in the hall where you can charge mobile phones.

There is no parking at the sports hall and school. We cannot guarantee that in this week the complex can be reached by car. Hopefully you can unload your luggage on Monday morning, on Monday afternoon this is very uncertain, as in connection with the Four Days Festival the access may be closed to all traffic. That is why on Friday afternoon and evening there is a free van ready to transport you with your luggage to the Oude Stad car park or to the railway station. On Saturday morning, after the Walk, the complex will probably be accessible by car again.

Paid parking within walking distance. For unpaid parking you will have to look for it a little further away.

On behalf of the Foundation, a host is present in the sports hall and school. You can contact him during your stay for all questions and / or comments. You must follow his instructions and those of the emergency response officers and OLAT staff present during your stay.

Board Stichting Overnachting 4Daagse Nijmegen
Joop Wesseling, chairman
Ad Ketelaars, treasurer/secretary 
Albert Grin, host